Magaluf Girl Performs Oral Sex on 24 Men; Fears of Exploitation Emerged of the Issue

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More disturbing acts emerged about the girl who had performed sex acts to 24 men on the dance floor in a bar in Magaluf, Spain. The issue has now raised fears that young travellers are being exploited in Magaluf, Spain, and the issue had now become a moral concern among people around the world.

As more unrestrained reports emerged and more witnesses now willing to talk, it was revealed that the sex acts performed were more than just being an adventurous act of a girl on a holiday. It was first reported that the girl performed the vulgar acts for free drinks knowingly, however, witnesses have spoken otherwise.

First, the girl was provoked to drink more than she could take. Then she was incited to give oral sex to each man as these men pull down their pants in anticipation. The girl was being "cheered" by the crowd and the bar's DJs. The worst part of all was that the young girl was tricked and lead on as she was promised a price of a free holiday abroad - only to find out at the end of the "game" that the "holiday" was a name of a cocktail served in the bar.

"The girl was being encouraged to drink more and more and was told she would win a 'holiday' if she took part in this game. Unfortunately the holiday turned out to be the name of a cocktail. I feel sorry for her now. She must feel awful,' one witness told the Sun.

Mayor Manu Onieva of Magaluf expressed his abhorrence of the incident and vowed crackdown on all bars that hold similar "games" dubbed locally as "mamading."

Reece Martini, the one who uploaded the video on Facebook, said he was shocked with how the people reacted.

"After uploading that video yesterday I received 3400 friend requests, 147 inboxes, and blocked off Facebook for an hour. I'm all up for a bit of banter but when s*** goes viral it can be very annoying," Martini wrote on a post.

The girl had been the subject of cyber attacks and bogus Twitter and Facebook accounts were created to harass her online.

However, an anonymous blogger wrote in defence of the girl.

The blogger recognised the fact that the incident was disgusting.

 "It is shocking that someone would give blow jobs to 24 guys in a row, in a crowded bar, for a holiday," the blogger wrote.

However, "we're forgetting that there were other people in the bar that night. People who created, encouraged, and publicly shared her mistake."

"There were (presumably sober) bar staff who came up with this sick contest, and essentially tricked a girl to engage in public sex acts under false pretenses. That alone is beyond a mean joke - it's lying and coercion. There were also 24 guys who knew this was inappropriate, and willingly participated in it anyway. Finally, there's the guy that decided to tape it and publicly publish the video, showing her face and essentially ruining her life. All of these people were probably much less drunk," the blogger went on.

Finally, he/she gave a valid point for the world to reflect on.

"If we're going to shame and blame the girl who made a mistake, everyone else should be held to the same standard. Her actions didn't hurt anyone, except herself - while other people's actions ruined her life. The girl was drunk, wanted a vacation, and made a mistake. What's everyone else's excuse?"

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