Madonna Impersonator, Ms. Piggy and Reality Star Share Plastic Surgery Horrors on This Week's Botched

  on July 23 2014 9:18 AM

This week's episode of "Botched" the new E! documentary series on plastic surgery features three new patients. The series focuses on previous plastic surgery patients who feel that their surgery had been botched and would like to get the work re-done. This week's patients include a former reality TV star, a Madonna impersonator and a woman who ended up looking like Ms. Piggy after a nose job.

Adam is the first patient who declares himself to be the number one Madonna impersonator in the world. He had been enjoying a long career doing the impersonations and started having surgeries to approximate the superstar's looks. He shared that his career took off once he started the enhancements and is now back for more. He consults with the show's doctors to get a nose job in order to look more like Madonna. After some consultation and a few dance lessons offered by the patient, the doctors ultimately decide that further surgery would begin to make Adam look fake and that his current nose is already close enough to Madonna. Adam is satisfied with the assessment and decides against the surgery.

The second patient is former reality show contestant Saaphyri Windsor. She said that she lost a lot of weight and as a result, her beasts sagged. Apart from this, the weight loss left out her abdominal area and she decided to get some liposuction. Instead of making her abdominal area look better, the surgery left her with an unsightly dent in her tummy. A breast lift she got also resulted in her breasts looking disproportionately big compared to the rest of her body. After some assessment, the doctors go on with her surgery and they give her more liposuction and a tummy tuck while removing the dent on her tummy from the previous surgery. The doctors also reduce her breast implants in order to keep her breasts at a normal-looking size. She comes out satisfied with the results and is ecstatic about her new cute breasts.

The third patient is Diana who had surgeries on her nose to correct inborn breathing problems. This resulted in an upturned nose that made her look like Ms. Piggy. The doctors decide to operate to make her nose look better but stumble upon an obstacle in the middle of the operation as a bump is found on her nose which causes it to look wider. He wants to do a special procedure to fix it and consults the patient's sister. Diana is happy with their decision to go through with it and is happy to reveal her new better-looking nose as well as relieved to be free of her breathing problems.

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