Made For iPhone Starbucks App Flaunts ‘Virtual Tipping’ & ‘Shake-To-Pay’ Options


Apple App Store has a Starbucks mobile app with virtual tipping option.

Starbucks 3.0 brings in a visual re-design which follows Apple's flat iOS 7 visual aspect with a clean user interface. The app uses a "Helvetica Neue" font and there is no skeuomorphic graphics to make the app look cluttered and overdone, reports Apple Insider.

Additionally, there is a new dashboard which houses the following information:

- Most recent transactions and messages

- Current reward points/stars

- Re-deemed rewards

- Awards available to you

- Information on Starbucks Pick of the Week

- Loyalty program: You can share/showcase your reward level milestones to your social followings.

- A feed-history of all your purchases

Starbucks announced a 4 percentage boost in the Mobile payments sphere, which raises the total to 14 percentage of all of Starbucks' U.S. based transactions, according to Techcrunch.

Starbucks boasts mobile payment backing from both iPhone and Android users, and this update could see a good increase in the payment via mobile category.

This app also features a digital tipping (a.k.a Virtual Tip Jar) service for U.S. stores. Customers of Starbucks can tip the baristas up to two hours after buying a drink. It is only natural that users would like to tip based on the goodness of their coffee. So it makes more sense to tip after enjoing a cup of pumpkin spiced latte.

The Cool "Shake-to-pay" Option

Last but never the least, the app flaunts a new "shake-to-pay" option which lets the users "shake their iPhone" to get the account bar-code needed for baristas to scan and acknowledge the mobile payment at the register. Apple iPhone users can get this virtual tipping app if they're based out of the U.S.

What about Android Users?

Starbucks says the virtual tipping feature for Android can be expected later this year. 

What do you think of this new app? Will you utilize this feature next time you sit down for a latte in Starbucks?

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