Madagascar Mob Kills 2 Euro Men, 1 Local for Murdering Young Boy for His Genitals, Victim of Human Trafficking

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Nosy Be, an island coast of Madagascar located in the Mozambique Channel (

It was an eye for an eye. Two European men and one local Madagascar man were lynched and burned on Thursday by an angry mob off Nosy Be island for allegedly killing an eight-year-old for his genitals. The latter has been alleged as a victim of human trafficking by the three.

The two Europeans, identified only as Sebastien and Roberto, were killed after a manhunt, following the discovery of the dead boy's body who initially went missing in the island. When the mob found the boy with his genitals already cut off, they immediately saw red. The boy's tongue was also allegedly cut off.

Guy Bobin Randriamaro, police commander, told AFP the Europeans were killed in the early hours of the morning on Ambatoloaka beach on Nosy Be, an island coast of Madagascar located in the Mozambique Channel, near the northwest coast of Madagascar.

"Both men were not only suspected of murdering the boy, but were also said to be trafficking human organs."

The mob decisively managed to keep the two European men alive despite already having them lynched and tortured. The mob wanted the men to experience the call of death, just how they made the innocent boy face his.

Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, lynched in Marion, Indiana on August 7, 1930 (Wikimedia)

After reportedly confessing to their crimes, both were set on fire alive.

Hours later, a third man, a Malagasy, was also lynched and his body set ablaze. It was alleged he was an accomplice of the two Europeans.

Philippe Lalliot, foreign ministry spokesman in Paris, told AFP that "two foreigners have died and we have confirmation that at least one of them is French."

A local resident said the atmosphere in the island had been tense for a few days now because a number of island boys had been going missing. The discovery of the dead boy's body minus his genitals and cut tongue was enough to open Pandora's box and unleash the island's anger.

"There's no doubt that some children have disappeared. People have been talking about it for several days and notices were posted, with photos everywhere," he told AFP.

Apart from the killings, the angry Madagascar mob also torched eight houses.

View of a beach of Nosy Be. (

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