‘Mad Men’ Season 7: When it Returns, Don Draper’s Third Wife Sexy Avatar, First Look Leaked

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The "Mad Men" of advertising will be returning for their swan-song on Sunday, April 13, 2014. The thirteen episodes of AMC's "Mad Men" final season have been divided into two installments.  Like AMC's cult drama series "Breaking Bad," "Mad Men" Season 7 is scheduled to be aired over a period of two years.

Jessica Paré, who plays the third wife of Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Megan Draper, is looking sexy and hot in her photo-shoot for British GQ magazine [March Issue] [Check Out the Photos Here]. It is expected that that in the final season Megan and Don Draper will appear at opposite ends. However in real life, Jessica sees Jon Hamm as an "ultimate" man.   

"One of the writers said, 'We're having a good time putting Megan through the wringer,' but I love every single second I spend on set. Jon Hamm is the ultimate. He's gorgeous, super-talented and so solid," the actress said to GQ, as quoted by Latin Post.

In an interview with Fashion magazine, the French-Canadian actress talked about her scene in "Mad Men" when Don Draper tells Megan that he will not be going to L.A. According to her, it was one of the most challenging scenes for her.

"I didn't want Megan to cry in the last -- I wanted her to be strong and stand up to Don and not take his sh*t anymore," Jessica said, as quoted by Mail Online.

In the Season Finale of "Mad Men" Season 6, Don Draper was forced to go on a vacation, with no return date. Peggy got his job title as well as his office and chair. It has not been revealed what will make the suave man come back to his creative den. The first look of Don Draper, leaked online, suggests that the man is ready to be back in business, as he looks dapper in his trademark suit and hat. In some photographs, Draper can be seen smoking outside a hotel and perhaps taking a taxi to go somewhere.

E! Online report had indicated that Don Draper could be seen commando, again, in one of the new episodes of "Mad Men."       

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