‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Update and Jon Hamm’s Throat Surgery

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Jon Hamm, who plays the principal character of suave Don Draper in "Mad Men," will be undergoing throat surgery, next week.

The actor, 42, has a large polyp on his vocal chords, according to reports. Life and Style Magazine reports that Jon Hamm coughed-up blood, recently and decided to visit the doctor.

Erica Gray, a representative of Jon Hamm, said to USA TODAY that the actor is "having a single polyp removed. It is a routine outpatient procedure."

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine's definition of a 'vocal polyp,' it is a "soft, benign (noncancerous) growth, similar to a blister. Voice polyps cause the voice to be hoarse, low, and breathy."

The actor will be undergoing the surgery in Boston.

The four-time Emmy award-winning drama series "Mad Men" was nominated for 12 Emmy awards this year. However, it failed to return home with one. Jon Hamm was nominated for the outstanding actor in a drama series and lost to Jeff Daniels of "Newsroom."

The final season of "Mad Men," which premiers sometime in spring, 2013 will be split into two parts.  AMC had come with a similar strategy for its cult drama series, "Breaking Bad," which wraps-up on Sunday.

According to The New York Times, "Mad Men" show-runner, Matthew Weiner, is expected to shoot all the 14 episodes in one production cycle.

"We plan to take advantage of this chance to have a more elaborate story told in two parts, which can resonate a little bit longer in the minds of our audience," Weiner said in a statement as quoted by The New York Times.

Variety reports that Weiner has signed veteran screenwriter, Robert Towne, to write for the seventh and the final season of "Mad Men."

The first season of "Mad Men" premiered in 2007. The New York Times reports that the "first seven shows (of the final season) will be shown next spring under the title "The Beginning". The second group will be shown in 2015 and will be called "The End of an Era."

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