‘Mad Men’ Season 7 SPOILERS/PREVIEW Episode 1 ‘Time Zones’: What Happens in Premiere Episode, Final Season?

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"Mad Men" Season 7 is set to return for its swansong season on April 13, 2014. If the highlight of Season 6 was Don Draper's fall, the final season is expected to show the consequences of Draper's past actions. In the Season 6 finale of "Mad Men," Sterling Cooper and Partners (SC&P) sent Draper on a forced vacation for an indefinite time, while Peggy get to sit in Draper's chair and Megan decided to go to Los Angeles, alone. The Episode 1 of Season 7 will build on the conflicts of the previous season finale and show what happened to some of the major characters and what they are up to.  

The first episode of the final season of "Mad Men" is called "Time Zones." It is set to begin in the year 1969, with President Richard Nixon's speech.

Here are some spoilers of the premiere episode based on the first episode review by Tim Goodman for The Hollywood Reporter:  

"The season-seven premiere focuses mainly on Don and Megan, with Peggy, Pete, Roger and Joan having their moments," Goodman says in his review.  The review also reveals that Don Draper goes to meet Megan in Los Angeles.

Since Draper has been ousted from SC&P, Lou Avery brings his "old-world ways" to the agency, according to the review. Goodman thinks that this might start a conflict between Avery and Peggy, as Avery is trying to keep Peggy out of Draper's chair.  

"I think you're putting me in a position to say, 'I don't care what you think," Avery says to Peggy in the episode, as Goodman quotes in his review.

Meanwhile, Pete, who also took a flight out of New York, seems to be enjoying his stay in Los Angeles. According to the review, he finds Los Angeles "vibrant" despite it being flat, ugly and its air boring.

"... a lot of the "loose ends" left by the season-six finale are not directly addressed in the season-seven premiere," Goodman writes in his review. 

Official Synopsis of "Mad Men" Season 7 Episode 1: Time Zones: "The Season 7 opener finds Don making a new friend, and Joan meeting a client for drinks. Elsewhere, Peggy hears some impressive new work, and Roger experiences a strange phone call." 

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