'Mad Men' Season 7 Spoilers: What is the Theme of Final Season?

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The final season of "Mad Men" is reportedly going to deal with questions of consequences and whether something that has been done is irreversible. Matthew Weiner, creator of "Mad Men," had said to TV Guide that the final season is related to the era of 1960s and it will show the "next chapter" of Don Draper's life.

"I always liked the fact that the show ["Mad Men"] has, on some level, uniqueness that the consequences of people's actions are taken seriously. We never pretend like stuff doesn't happen, and that's really where we're starting," Weiner had said.

According to Enstars' report, the theme of the season will revolve around "are there consequences" and whether they are "irreversible." In a recent interview to TV Guide, as quoted by Enstars, Weiner said that it will tackle the things that one can do and one cannot undo.

"There's a line in the opening episode: 'Have I broken the vessel?' And that's the question. Have you poured liquid out and have to refill it, or have you just destroyed it? I don't live in a world of regret, but I might imagine that Don Draper does," Weiner said. "Or maybe it would be nice if he did."

"Mad Men" returns for its final season on April 13, 2014. The final season will be spilt across two years, similar to the way AMC aired the final season of its cult drama series, "Breaking Bad." The second part is due to air sometime in 2015.  

In the Season 6 finale, Don Draper was forced to go on a vacation, without any return date. Peggy was shown sitting in his chair in his office. It is implausible that Don Draper will be kept out of his ad agency for too long. It will be interesting to watch his rise again after the fall in the last season. One can expect to see Don Draper go commando, again.

Christina Hendricks had indicated that "Mad Men" will be about Mad Men. 

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