‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Spoilers: Filming Begins; Jon Hamm Likely to Go Commando

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"Mad Men" returns for its final season sometime in 2014, with 14 episodes. Like AMC's cult drama series, "Breaking Bad," "Mad Men" will complete its final season in two instalments. The series is scheduled to end in 2015.

In the finale of the previous season of "Mad Men," Don Draper was forced to go on a leave, while Peggy was given his chair and office. At the end of the episode, Peggy was seen sitting behind Don's desk in his chair.

According to an E! Online report, Jon Hamm, who plays the character of Don Draper, might go commando again in the upcoming, final season. The report said that they spotted him walking around the set of "Mad Men" in Los Angeles. The actor, 42, "opted to skip his underwear for this particular wardrobe choice and scene."

He was "sporting light gray formfitting dress pants, which, if we're being frank, showed off his package," E! Online's reports.

Elisabeth Moss, who plays the character of Peggy, has a gig on "The Simpsons." In an episode, scheduled to air on November 17, 2013, she is lending her voice to a pregnant woman's character called Gretchen. Homer will help her deliver the baby in the elevator.

Talking about where her character will begin in the new season of "Mad Men," Moss said to "The Entertainment Weekly," that "I'm not even necessarily supposed to tell you I'm on the show. For me -- definitely everything is where it should be. And it is so early. It is still the beginning at this point so I barely know anything anyway."

The actress, however, said that she is "very happy" with where her character is.

Moss also talked about the energy on the set as they start filing "Mad Men" Season 7. She revealed that there are moments where the star-cast goes:  "Oh my god, this is the last first read-through." "This is the last first episode." "This is the last time I will drive to set for the first time."

The actress said that everyone is committed to making it the best and give it an end that makes everyone happy. 

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