‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Spoilers: Don Draper Returns, Something Going On in His Mind [VIDEO]

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Don Draper's plane has landed in an unknown destination. In the finale of Season 6 of "Mad Men," the man was forced to go on a vacation, without any return date. Also, Draper's marriage to Megan was on the rock. The first teaser of "Mad Men" Season 7 features Don Draper disembarking from a plane, with his hat. He looks good and suave like always. The teaser is likely alluding to Don Draper's return to where the action is for this mad man of advertising.

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In addition to the first teaser, AMC has also released a colourful poster, created by graphic designer, Milton Glaser. [CHECK the Poster Here]. In the poster, Don Draper's silhouette is looking at a multi-colour art-work, featuring spirals, a woman's face, a glass in which wine is being poured.

Talking about the poster, Matthew Weiner, creator of "Mad Men," said to New York Times, "There is a dreamlike quality to it, and believe it or not, it is related to the show, and not because it's psychedelic." He, however, did not reveal the story-line of the final season, or spilled any spoiler.

Weiner added: "This [poster] is related to the late '60s, which is all I will say about it. It maintains the idea that this is somehow going on in Don Draper's mind, which is what the story is always about -- and what the back of his head is about, on some level."

Weiner had revealed that one of the lines in the first episode is "Have I broken the vessel." This poster might be alluding to the question that Weiner had dropped in one of his interviews: "Have you poured liquid out and have to refill it, or have you just destroyed it?"

"Mad Men" Season 7 premieres on April 13, 2014. This is the final season and it is split across two years like AMC's cult drama series, "Breaking Bad." The second part will premiere sometime in 2015. The season will show the next chapter of Don Draper's life.

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