‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Spoilers: Is Don Draper Heading to Work?

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 "Mad Men," AMC's drama series, set in the ad world of a bygone era, is returning on April 13, 2014 for its final season. Here is the latest news about the final season:

TV Guide's spoiler hints that Don Draper is unlikely to return to his office soon. However, the suave ad man is going to find other "creative outlets." TV Guide also reports that all the major characters will return in the final season of "Mad Men," including Megan and Pete.

In the previous season, Draper was sent on a forced vacation for an indefinite time. His daughter, Sally, caught him cheating. Also, Don Draper messed-up his marriage, as he and Megan became distant. In a poignant moment, in the final scene of the final season, Don Draper visited his childhood-whorehouse, with his children. This visit provided a  new beginning for Sally and Don Draper.

"[Don's] screwed up the marriage, he's screwed up the kids. He always [knew] that at least he was good at his job, and now he doesn't even have that," Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper, said to TV Guide.

Talking about the upcoming season, Mathew Weiner, creator of "Mad Men," said to TV Guide Magazine that in the new episode, they'll be "acknowledging" what happened to Don Draper in Season 6 finale.

"That really did happen. He lost his job but also had a silent moment of reconciliation with his daughter. And he had that breakdown at the Hershey meeting where his anxiety was expressed as a confession. The consequences of that activity were kind of what we're writing about on some level. What part is irrevocable?"  

Weiner, however, did not confirm whether the most happening character of the last season, Bob Benson, will return in the final season. When asked about Bob, he said, "You'll have to watch." He also ruled out the possibility of a spin-off, as he has no intention of doing more of "Mad Men."

The season has been split into two halves, consisting of seven episodes each. The second part is expected to air sometime in spring, 2015.  The SpoilerTV has leaked the title and synopsis of the premiere episode. According to the report, The Episode 1 of Season 7 is titled "Time Zones."

The synopsis reveals that Don will be making a friend, while Peggy, who has got Don's position and chair, will be hearing new work.  In addition, the synopsis also talks about Joan having a drink with a client, and Roger receiving a phone call that is "perplexing."

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