‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Season Finale] Episode 5: ‘The Runways’ Preview and Synopsis [VIDEO]

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In "The Monolith," Freddy said to Don Draper, "Do the work, Don." And, Don returned the next day to write 25 tags for Peggy. He had thrown his typewriter at the window when Peggy had first asked him to write 25 tags for a campaign to bag the account of Burger Chef. The preview of Episode 5 of "Mad Men" Season 7, titled "The Runways," suggests that Don will be putting his typewriter to good use, as he can be seen typing like someone who is consumed by his work.


It seems for Don, it is a new beginning in each episode of season finale. In the preview clip, there is a glimpse of a sombre looking Don following a smiling Penny. It is perhaps hinting at the changed dynamics in the relationship between Don and his once upon a time secretary and prodigy. The new professional relationship status says she is the boss and he is the provider of ideas.

The preview also features Betty. She was not there in the previous episode. The vague synopsis of the episode says that Don will be receiving a visitor from his past. Betty can be that visitor from the past.   

It looks like Lou Avery is going to get more hate mails after the episode. The preview suggests that he is pointing out the difference between two people. The possibility that one of them is Don cannot be ruled out.

In an interview with TV Guide, Allan Havey, who plays Lou, said that the audience hates his character's guts. When asked how it "feels to be reviled after so little screen time," the actor said:

"As the season went on, I thought, "Oh, people are not going to like this guy." I've been a Mad Men fan since the beginning, so if I had been home watching this guy, I probably wouldn't have liked him either."

Official Synopsis of "Mad Men" Season 7 Episode 5 "The Runways": "Don receives a visitor from his past; Stan embarrasses a superior; Ginsberg gets help from Peggy with a problem; Harry finds a new ally."

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