'Mad Men' Season 7 Premiere Episode Update: Title and Synopsis Leaked Online

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April 13, 2014 is the date when "Mad Men" returns for its final season. SpoilerTV has revealed that the premiere episode of "Mad Men" Season 7 is titled, "Time Zones." The vague synopsis of the episode confirms that Don, Joan, Roger and Peggy will feature in the first episode of the final season.

The synopsis reveals that Don will be making a friend, while Peggy, who has got Don's position and chair, will be hearing new work.  In addition, the synopsis also talks about Joan having a drink with a client, and Roger receiving a phone call that is "perplexing."

Matthew Weiner, creator of "Mad Men," has said that it has been a challenge to find the right ending for AMC's cult show. Talking to Daily Beast about the final season, the creator said, "as a writer, I want to end the story [of Mad Men] the way I think the story was told."

The final season, Weiner has indicated, will deal with the consequences of Don Draper's actions. He said "consequences" is "really a theme that goes for the entire last season," adding that it is about the "consequences in life, and if change is possible ... There's a real growth over the course of this last season from the material concerns of your life to the immaterial concerns of your life. That's really what the ending of the show is about."

Talking about Peggy, Weiner said this character will finally reach a point where she will have some choices.

He said to Washington Post that Don Draper is a survivor and he is going to start over. In the previous season, Don Draper was forced to go on a vacation for an indefinite period, and his relationship with Megan was on a shaky ground.    

"Mad Men" Season 7 has been split into two halves. The second instalment is scheduled to air sometime in spring, 2015. Weiner said to Huffington Post that they will start shooting the episodes of the second instalment at the end of March, and that they recently wrapped-up shooting episode 7. 

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