‘Mad Men’ Season 7: Jon Hamm Teases Don Draper’s Death

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The seven episodes of "Mad Men" Season 7, which is the final season, showed Don Draper facing the consequences of his past actions as well as he trying to make a fresh start. He managed to survive the first seven episodes of the final season, though there were not many who were wishing to see his rise again.

Talking about the fate of Don Draper in the final seven episodes of "Mad Men" Season 7, Jon Hamm teased: "Well, I die. I think we can say that. Matt[hew Weiner] will be OK with that. Early, too. I die early." Hamm was talking at The Hollywood Reporter's Drama Actor Roundtable.

Hamm, however, was quick to add, "to second-guess it at this point is a fool's errand. It's on him [Weiner, creator of "Mad Men"] to land the plane."

Draper may have managed to dodge the bullet in the professional field, but at the personal front, he failed. Megan and Draper had a silent break-up after Draper suggested that he can now move to Los Angeles and be with Megan, as there was a possibility that he may lose his job at SC&P.

Jessica Pare, who plays Megan, almost confirmed in an interview to Los Angeles Times that Draper and Megan are getting a divorce. "It looked that way. It certainly felt that way when we were shooting the scene. I think this being our final season, everything feels like the last time you'll do exactly that," the actress said. She also indicated that it was "temperament" as well as "distance" that drove Draper and Megan towards separation.

When asked in addition to acting, what other things Megan could be up to, Pare joked: "Well, space exploration, obviously. It's happening. And she makes a lot of spaghetti. She throws it at the wall. She makes it for the kids. She makes a lot of spaghetti."

"Mad Men" Season 7 has been split into two halves. The second half, which also consists of seven episodes, is expected to premiere sometime in April 2015. 

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