‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Finale Season] Episode 6: Preview and Synopsis of ‘The Strategy’ [VIDEO]

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Don Draper scored a big win against Lou Avery and Jim Cutler in the previous episode, "The Runways."  Lou and Jim were courting Philip Morris' Commander Cigarettes and if they would have bagged the account, Don would have been asked to leave SC&P. Don had written an article for New York Times, which talked about the dangers of tobacco -- putting Don in the anti-tobacco lobby.

Don crashed the meeting and successfully pitched himself. Lou had a sentence of praise, while Jim words had a ring of warning. The upcoming episode 6 of "Mad Men" Season Finale, titled "The Strategy," may provide more glimpses of the old Don, and not the one who said "Okay" after hearing the stipulations attached to his return to the firm he had helped build.

As expected, the synopsis of the upcoming episode is vague. There is no mention of Don in the synopsis, but the preview features him. It looks like Don will be questioning one of Peggy's decisions. And, Pete is expected to be back in New York.

A couple of episodes back, Pete had come-up with the idea of starting his own business. Ted had killed that idea before Peter could elaborate more. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete, said that Don and Pete could have successfully teamed-up for the business.

"... they're [Pete and Don] both very good at their jobs, and they're not trying to get the other guy's job anymore. For a while, Pete thought he would be a creative guy. He doesn't want that anymore. Don really wants nothing to do with accounts. He doesn't want to deal with anyone he doesn't have to. I think it would work out great."           

Official Synopsis of "Mad Men" Season 7 Episode, "The Strategy,": "Peggy determinedly collects research for a pitch. Pete is invited to join an exclusive club. Joan looks forward to spending time with her friend."


Just a reminder: "Mad Men" Final Season has been split into two-parts of seven episodes each. The next instalment, consisting of seven episodes, is speculated to air sometime in spring 2015.    

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