Mad Men Season 7 [Final] Update: Peggy, Don Draper Unlikely to End Together


It was a silent break-up between Don Draper and Megan in Episode 7, "Waterloo," of "Mad Men" Season 7, which is the final season. The break-up and the dance between Peggy and Don have triggered speculations about Peggy and Don's relationship.

Matthew Weiner, creator of "Mad Men," does not think that Peggy and Don will be ending-up together. When Vulture mentioned that fans would like to see Peggy and Don end together, Weiner said, "I'm gonna admit it's not on our mind."

Speaking about the first half of Season 7, Weiner said, "part of the story of the season was them [Don and Peggy] repairing their relationship. It has the structure of a romantic relationship, but to me it was about: Don cannot give Peggy confidence and Peggy cannot give Don integrity; both of them have to earn it for themselves."

"We wanted to bring it back to a place where Peggy did it her way and Don did something -- [giving her the Burger Chef pitch] wasn't a huge sacrifice, but it certainly wasn't the old Don,"  he said.

Meanwhile, Jon Hamm, who plays the suave ad man Don Draper, was recently spotted filming the final episode of "Mad Men." According to Mail Online, Hamm, 43, was seen shirtless while apparently filming the final episode of the final season in Los Angeles. His 60s period inspired short shirt was open, revealing his "scruffy chest," the report says. He was later spotted wearing the same shirt, but this time it was buttoned-up, with a tiny blue shorts. The actor was also seen coming out of a car wearing the same shirt, but he was seen wearing pants and electric blue jacket. Afterward, he was spotted in different pair of clothes.

The photos published by Mail Online do not provide a hint about what to expect in the finale episode of "Mad Men."   

The final season of "Mad Men" has been divided into two halves. The second half, consisting of seven episodes, is expected to air sometime in April 2014.   

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