‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Final] ‘Time Zones’ Spoiler Preview: Don Draper Makes a New Friend and Visits Someone in Los Angeles

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This Sunday is the beginning of the end for the men and women of "Mad Men." The final, seventh season, which is divided into two halves, begins with the premiere episode titled "Time Zones." The title perhaps alludes to the different time zones of the principal characters.

The synopsis of the premiere episode is vague. According to this cryptic synopsis, Don Draper will be making a new friend, while Roger Sterling will be seen handling a strange phone call. Peggy Olsen gets to hear some "impressive new work" in the episode. And, Joan Holloway will meet a client for drinks.  

The reviews of the premiere episode have revealed that the first episode of the final "Mad Men" season will feature fashion and political events of year 1969. The season six of "Mad Men" featured the down-fall of Don Draper. In the season finale, he narrated his grim upbringing story during a client's pitch meeting, which did not amuse anyone.  Sterling Cooper and Partners sent him on a forced vacation for an indefinite time.  The cracks in his marriage to Megan became bigger and bigger, while his daughter Sally saw him making out with his neighbour's wife, Sylvia. In the season six finale, Megan moved to Los Angeles without Don Draper. At the end of the season six, final episode, Don Draper took his children to the whorehouse where he grew-up, which is likely to have sowed the seed for the father-daughter reconciliation.   

According to The Hollywood Reporter's (THR) review of "Time Zones," Don Draper flies out of New York and lands in Los Angeles to meet Megan. The premiere episode is mainly about Don Draper and Megan.  The review reveals that Peggy, Pete, Roger and Joan will also have their moments in the episode.

Pete, who has also moved to Los Angeles, will be seen liking the "vibrations" of Los Angeles despite his list of complaint about it. Meanwhile, Peggy, who was seen sitting behind Don Draper's table in season six finale, will be finding it difficult because of Lou Avery.  The man aims to keep Peggy out of Don Draper's chair. According to THR's review, Avery will be taking advantage of Don Draper's absence, and will try to push in his "old-school ways" in Sterling Cooper and Partners.   

"I think you're putting me in a position to say, I don't care what you think," Avery says to Peggy [with venom], as quoted by THR.   

THR's review hints that a lot of "loose ends" of season six have not been addressed in the premiere episode.  

"Mad Men" is scheduled to air on April 13 on AMC.    

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