‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Final Season] Spoilers: Don’s Demotion in Episode 3, ‘Field Trip’

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The third episode of "Mad Men" final season, "Field Trip," features the return of Don Draper to his den. But, there is no welcome back party waiting for him. He finds himself in an uncomfortable position, as the atmosphere seems to be inimical. Peggy tells her former-mentor "I can't say that we miss you" and that sums-up what most of the partners and colleagues wanted to say to Don Draper, seeing his unexpected presence inside the office.     

Don Draper accepts all the conditions attached to his return to Sterling Cooper & Partners. Roger Sterling wants him back [Roger tells Don, when goes to meet him with an appointment letter, that he misses him and wants him back at work], but the other partners are not interested in seeing Don Draper returning and disturbing the status-quo. Roger succeeds in convincing the other partners, but he allows the taming of Don Draper.  

It is a demotion for Don Draper, as he agrees to work under Lou Avery. Additional conditions include no meeting with the client alone, sticking to the script at the meetings, and no drinking in the office.  

Megan and Don's relationship has almost hit the dead-end, with Megan finding out from Don himself that he has been out of work for a while. She concludes he does not want to be with her and thus chose to station himself at New York and did not think of reuniting with her in Los Angeles. Megan's career is not going anywhere, and in her desperation to get roles, she is acting needy and a little out of order. Megan needs time and Don is not considering moving to California, though he tells Megan he loves her.     

Meanwhile, Betty is trying to be an ideal mother to Bobby, but ends-up feeling that her children do not love her. She makes all the right moves to be a good mother to Bobby while being with him on a field trip.  However, Betty's mood turns sour when Bobby gives away her sandwich, her lunch, to a friend in exchange for candies.  At the end of the day at the dinner table, Bobby wishes that it was yesterday.

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