‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Final Season] Spoilers: Don, Peggy Dance in Episode 7, ‘The Strategy’

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The radio is playing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" and Don Draper gets-up and holds out his hand to Peggy.  The two slowly dance, together in Lou's office. Peggy rests her head on Don's chest, while Don kisses her head. This moment comes because of the Burger Chef account.  

Pete arrives at New York office. He wants Don to be present in Lou's office when Peggy is making her team's presentation for Burger Chef's campaign. Lou and Peggy are not happy seeing Don, but Peggy continues with her presentation. She gets a thumbs-up from Lou and Pete, but Pete wants to know Don's opinion, as well. Don supports Peggy's idea.

Afterwards, Pete tells Peggy that it will be better if Don presents the idea to the client. She will be the emotional voice, while Don will be the authoritative one. Peggy is not happy but agrees and later tells Don that she wants him to present the campaign idea to the client. Don is happy to get the chance, and drops a suggestion that it would be better if the kid, and not the mother, is the voice of the campaign. Peggy wants to stick to the original strategy.

However, Don's suggestion gives Peggy a sleepless night and a weekend at work, as she starts feeling that her campaign strategy is full of holes. She calls-up Don [Megan is visiting him] to ask why is he undermining her.

Later, Don arrives at the office and Peggy asks him to show what he thinks. The two get to brainstorming and working on the campaign from the beginning. Peggy confesses that she has turned 30 a couple of weeks, ago, and wants to know what she did wrong. Don tells her that she is doing great. He offers a teary Peggy his handkerchief. With Don's help, Peggy hits upon a new idea and "My Way" provides them a chance to enjoy some moments, without bitterness.

At a Burger Chef outlet, Peggy and Don meet Pete. Peggy tells him that they will be shooting the campaign at the outlet, as it is the place where the family sits together to eat. Peggy, Don and Pete present a family picture as they eat their burgers.          

Also, Bob Benson appears in this episode. He is likely to get a job offer from Buick, as Chevy plans to dump SC&P and manage its advertising in-house. Bob may not bag the job if Buick sees that he is gay. Bob to propose to Joan, with a ring, and kisses her. Joan, however, does not want to get into something that is an arrangement and be Bob's beard. She tells Bob that he shouldn't be with a woman. When Bob reminds her that she is no longer young and this is the best offer that she will ever get, Joan tells him, "I want love, and I'd rather die hoping it happens than make some arrangement."

Harry is now one of the partners at SC&P.

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