‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Final Season] Spoilers: Don Gets to Work in Episode 4, ‘The Monolith’

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Freddy turns out to be the voice of reason in "Mad Men" Season 7 Episode 4, titled "The Monolith." In the previous episode, Don Draper was allowed to return to SC&P on a number of stipulations. One of them is not drinking inside the office, and he breaks that rule in this episode after being treated as a junior by Peggy and made to feel like an outsider in the firm that he once helped build.

Pete brings the account of Burger Chef on the table. Ted suggests Peggy's name to come-up with an advertising pitch to win the client. Pete, however, is not confident about Peggy's skills and suggests that Don be part of the team, as well. Lou wants to keep Don on the sidelines, and thus he gives Peggy a weekly raise and the Burger Chef account. Don is supposed to work as part of Peggy's team.

Peggy resists knocking at Don's door and tells her secretary to ask him to come to her office. Don obliges only to find that she expects him to write 25 tags for the campaign and there is a deadline. He does not write them and also does not attend the second round of meeting in Peggy's office.

The SC&P is getting a computer and the firm has turned upside-down because of that. Don foresees a potential client and a booming computer business when the person who is deploying the computer gets talking to him about advertising. When Don tells Cooper that they could tap into this market which is set to explode and about the potential client, Cooper is not interested and snubs Don, reminding him about the stipulations.

It is the final straw and Don breaks the rule and sneaks a bottle out of Roger's office and gets drunk. He calls-up Freddie and the two head to a game of Mets. Post-game, Freddy drops a completely sloshed Don back at his place. In the morning, Don wakes-up to find Freddy offering him a cup of coffee and some piece of advice.

Freddy tells Don to do the work, after asking if he is just going to kill himself and give them what they want, or, he is going to go to his bedroom, get in uniform, fix his bayonet and hit the parade.

Don is back at work. Peggy finds him typing and is surprised to hear that he plans to deliver the 25 tags by lunch. 

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