Macworld 2014 with Petcube, Motion Control Ring, Lumo Lift, and More

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The annual Macworld conference officially kicked off and hundreds of companies are expected to show off Apple-related apps and products with the innovation showcase for media and workshop attendees.

In 2009, Apple ceased to join the Macworld, which caused the conference to shrink considerably. However, there are still a myriad of innovative products unveiled at the show like the motion-controlled Ring, Petcube and unique wearables from Lumo, among others.

The Ring - is a product introduced at the Macworld conference which made its debut on Kickstarter. The Ring is a wearable device which appears a bit bulky for the index finger but it can interface with an iPhone or iPad app via Bluetooth and small gestures. It can complete tasks like opening apps, making mobile payments and spelling out letters.

In a demo, the Ring used the device to write letters that were transmitted into an iPad app and tried to open the camera app. Thus far, the functionality of the Ring seems limited but the creators plan to release an SDK for developers to further explore the app. The Ring is expected to ship in July and it can be preordered for $185.

Petcube - is a small iPhone-connected cube equipped with a camera, laser toy and motion detector, which allows users to keep an eye and play with their pets while they are away from home. The Petcube will launch on May but Kickstarter is showing off the device at the Macworld Conference. It will be available for preorder for $199.

Lumo Lift - is a small wearable designed to track daily activities and improve posture. It comes in a wide array of colours and designs to choose from and similar to fitness bands, it can measure steps and calories burned. The Lumo Lift is known to keep an eye on posture and it lets users know via vibration when they slouch too much. This device is available for preorder for $79 and will ship in the Summer.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are also a myriad of other products available at the Macworld Conference, which includes the Flir One thermal camera, Livescribe 3 Smartpen, hybrid Flashback and MotionPortrait app.

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