Mackenzie Foy Takes the Spotlight in ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ [PHOTOS]

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In "Breaking Dawn Part 2," a little girl caught the attention of the Twi-hard fans. Actress Mackenzie Foy, who portrays the half-vampire and half-human daughter of Bella and Edward Cullen, currently takes the spotlight with the worldwide success of the epic conclusion to the "Twilight" movie franchise.

With no connections whatsoever in the entertainment industry, Mackenzie Foy was just noticed at a dance recital at the tender age of 3. Afterwards, Foy embarked on booking print jobs modeling, commercials and TV shows which eventually led her to the role Renesmee Cullen.

Mackenzie Foy's character appearance in "Breaking Dawn Part 2" has been increased after a brief one in the first part since Renesmee Cullen grows quickly. "One hour she'll be an infant and the next she'll be a toddler," the 12-year-old actress said.

The young actress agreed to comments on how much she weirdly looks like her on-screen parents Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. "Kristen's eyes are green just like mine. And then Rob is kind of goofy. I'm kind of goofy like Rob," Foy shared.

During "Breaking Dawn Part 2" filming, Mackenzie Foy enjoyed working on the set. She even had a "swear jar" for her older co-stars where the money collection was donated to St. Jude's hospital. "Some of them paid me in advance," Foy revealed, laughing.

"Kristen did say a couple bad words, I'm not gonna lie," Foy further revealed. However, the young actress fondly described Kristen Stewart as an all combined best friend, sister and mom. "I heard Kristen play her trumpet. Rob got her a trumpet and you could hear in the hotel," Foy shared.

Also, Mackenzie Foy was able to take home her character's dragonfly pin as a parting gift now that the "Twilight" movie franchise has come to an end. "It's pretty special," Foy said. In the mean time, Mackenzie Foy have upcoming movie projects under her belt like the horror film "The Conjuring" starring Vera Farmiga. Reports are also suggesting about a spin-off film on the story of Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen. "I think it'd be fun to come back to Renesmee and see what her life is beyond what Part 2 ends with. I think it would just be cool to see where her life takes her," Foy stated.

With all of the attention that Mackenzie Foy currently receives, the chatty and friendly actress just shrugs it off. According to the young star, her friends still treat her normally despite her fame and success in the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" film. Moreover, Mackenzie Foy continues with her normal life and activities such as painting, tae kwon do and baking cakes.

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