MacBook Air 2014 Release: Retina, Facelift and What to Expect

By @peevesky on

While attention has been on the release of the iPhone 6, information about Apple's MacBook Air 2014 has surfaced. According to recent details, the upcoming line may go through facelift and Retina integration. Despite the success of the Retina technology and the MacBook Air separately, Apple still needs to combine the two. This year, it seems the market will see a fulfillment of that. 

When the new line of MacBook Air started making the news last year, everybody expected that it will have a Retina display. More than the Haswell upgrade, people were looking forward to the Retina screen. However, it did not materialise. This year, recent information says Apple plans to introduce the Retina technology along with an overhauled design for the MacBook Air. 

Analysts also think the product line will go through a major design overhaul. MacBook Air has sported a similar design for quite a while. It seems uncharacteristic of Apple if it will stick to the design for this year's offering. Apple has a record of changing product appearances after using a particular build for a time. 

The recent information is backed by an analyst from Canalys, a market research firm. According to Daniel Matte, the Retina display on the 2014 MacBook Air is possible. This can also come with an 11.88- or 12-inch display offering 2,732 x 1,536 resolution. The given resolution will mean upping the existing resolution of the current MacBook Air to four times. The current models sport a 1,366 x 768 display. 

The current resolution for MacBook Air is similar to the pixel density of the iPad Air, 264 pixels per inch. The resolution is ideal for iFans who wish to have a larger display compared to a tablet. The quadrupling factor is crucial. It is how the company has scaled the screens for its iPad and iPhone offerings before. It is also easier for developers to tailor their offerings. 

Even more important is that modeling the line after the iPad Mini or iPad series means similar technology could be applied to the new MacBook Air. The supply chain and economies of scale related to the high demand of the iPad retina can be beneficial for the manufacturing of the 2014 MacBook Air. People will have to stay tuned for more announcements from Apple.

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