MacBook Air 2014: New Apple Hires Hint Retina MacBook Air, 12-Inch Display and 4G LTE Support

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Apple has a series of products lined up to be released this 2014. While the attention has been on the iPhone 6, reports about the MacBook Air 2014 have started resurfacing. According to sources, Apple's hiring activities shed more light on what the company plans to do with its next MacBook Air lineup. Predicted specs include 12-inch display, Retina technology and 4G LTE support. Can Apple deliver the next best ultrabook?

For several occasions now, the market has anticipated a MacBook Air packed with Retina Display. However, that has remained in vain, as the tech giant has not produced any Airs with the Retina technology. Recent reports indicate that the new Airs for 2014 may just feature the IGZO technology everyone has been expecting.

IGZO is a display technology that changes and improves power efficiency of displays considerably. The technology also allows for lighter, thinner and more durable units. Fortunately for users, Apple has started rolling out the technology on its iPad Mini and iPad Air series. Analysts believe it is only a matter time before the company executes the Retina on the MacBook Air.

According to a report by Cult of Mac, recent job positions under Apple hints that the company may be working on IGZO for the next line of Mac laptops. Likewise, this also indicates that Apple may be planning a new design for its Macs.

According to a report by Apple Bitch, Apple has opened a range of new positions. The company has been looking for engineers with background on LCD display and LED backlighting. The report also indicates that the positions were to focus on the "next generation of Macintosh platforms."

IGZO is considered as one of the best backlighting technology today for LCDs. It is similar to the technology used in the current Mac lineup. So what does the IGZO mean for the MacBook Air? People can expect a MacBook Air with Retina display offering similar battery life. It can also mean a MacBook Pro Retina Display that can run for 24 hours.

Analysts also predict that if Apple can include the technology in its next MacBook lineup, then the units will be even thinner. It can be interesting to see how thin MacBook Airs can get.

Other reported features include a 12-inch display and 4G LTE support. Apple appears to be stepping up its ultrabook lineup. People will have to wait for Apple to announce the final details.

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