L’Wren Scott's Will Leaves $9M Estate To Mick Jagger

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L’Wren Scott wanted her already super rich boyfriend Mick Jagger to inherit her wealth, according to a new report. Her will apparently reveals that her USD9 million estate goes to the Rolling Stones rocker, leaving none for her family.

The fashion designer was found hanged by her assistant at her Manhattan, New York apartment on March 17. Official record shows that she had committed suicide. She was 49.

According to reports, she was deeply in debt before her death, with her company, LS Fashion Limited, owing various suppliers around $6 million.

Nevertheless, her personal estate is still worth approximately $9 million, and she wanted to leave all of it to Jagger, who is reportedly worth over $290 million himself.

New York Daily News has obtained a copy of her will, which reads, “I give all my jewellery, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles, and other tangible articles of a personal nature to Michael Philip Jagger.”

Scott’s main asset was her 2,364-square-foot Chelsea condo, the same apartment where she hanged herself with a scarf. It is apparently worth $8 million.

Her will specifically excludes her siblings, Randall Bambrough and Jan Shane.

The will also reads that Scott had never been married and had no children. However, the word “never” was crossed out in ink. She had been married briefly to a developer named Anthony Brand in the ‘90s.

Scott was cremated on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Half of her ashes was given to Jagger, and the other half is being kept by her family. Jagger, 70, spoke at her service, as well as her Bambrough, 58.

“She was cremated and I have some of her ashes,” Bambrough said. “Some of those ashes, they will be buried near our parents here in Utah. And there will be a ceremony, date to be determined, in Utah for all family members who will have an opportunity to see their friends and others.”

Bambrough, who was appointed as the director of her fashion business in November, said he wasn’t privy to the details of his sister’s will.

“I haven’t heard anything at all about a will, other than there’s supposedly one out there,” he was quoted by the NY Daily News as saying.

Shane, 53, meanwhile, reportedly wanted to have her sister laid to rest in their native Utah. She hadn’t spoken to Scott since their mother’s death six years ago. She wasn’t at her sister’s funeral.

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