L'Wren Scott Commits Suicide After Hanging Herself to Door Knob: Strange Photo of Hanging Dresses Goes Viral

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L'Wren Scott, a 47-year-old designer was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on March 17. Scott was a long time girlfriend of Mick Jagger and under suspicious circumstances she was found hanging by the doorknob. Reportedly, it was Scott's assistant who found her dead body in the apartment and immediately called 911.

According to Hollywoodlife report NYPD revealed; "She was found "unresponsive" and then declared dead by the EMS when they arrived on the scene."

However, the scary part of the suicide is that within two hours of her suicide an eerie photo of the dozen of dresses hanging from the massive tree went viral.  Fans of the designer were in shock to see a picture, which bore strange resemblance to Scott's circumstances of suicide.

Mick Jagger was devastated when he got to hear about the suicide of his designer GF L'Wren Scott.

"He is completely shocked," his rep told the Web site, adding, "And devastated by the news."

The couple had been dating since 2001. L'Wren is known for dressing top celebs of Hollywood namely Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Reportedly the reason for L'Wren's suicide was financial trouble. A source revealed to Mail Online that in Janaury L'Wren cancelled her London Fashion Week show as she was low on cash and could not afford to put up her show.  Apparently, the designer never asked her boyfriend for cash assistance and was "embarrassed" by money troubles

LS Fashion LTD a L'Wren's fashion venture was reportedly suffering losses and was in  a deficit of $5,899,548. The designer had a debt of  $7.641 million to pay and with every passing years her debts were increasing. Reports have suggested that her company's debts were reportedly increasing with every passing year, hitting $3,063,160.87 in 2010.

Let know your thoughts on the eerie photograph of the hanging dresses. Do you think it is rather strange for a such a picture to pop just few hours after the designer's suicide?

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