Lupe Fiasco Disses Kendrick Lamar, Rapper Could Not Care Less

By @Ze_Charm on

While most rappers might hit back at their critics by trash-talking and foul lyrics in their songs, Kendrick Lamar is certainly not that sort of rapper.  

Despite being dissed by rapper Lupe Fiasco, Kendirck Lamar could not care less about the alleged bashing that stemmed from Lupe Fiasco. During a chat with New York City's Hot 97, Lamar and his work was raised during the discussion with Lupe Fiasco to which the rapper allegedly claimed that Kendrick Lamar was just not too gifted in the writing department.

Lupe Fiasco, however, does not have a problem with Lamar or with Top Dawg Entertainment. He just thinks that Lamar is not that good in writing lyrics as many of his fans would like to think of him.

"I think the level of lyricism has to be extremely high and it has to be something that is inarguable. You can't argue like, 'He's wack,'cause now you coming from a personal place, your personal opinion... When I come as a rapper to other rappers and I hear what you're saying in the rap, where you say you're 'the best' [but] your verse is wack? You can't have a wack verse and say you're the best." Lupe Fiasco said during the interview.

Meanwhile, it was not too long before someone asked Lamar to comment on Lupe Fiasco's diss. Unlike other rappers who would go berserk at their critics, Lamar was more laidback in handling the criticism. In a response to all of his bashers such as Troy Ave who once called him a "weirdo" Lamar said:

"Everybody entitled to they opinion. You feel me? I just continue to do what I do. But, you know, everybody feel they own aspects of it and how they look at different artists. But I just continue to do what I do. I don't even know what the definition [is]. I never met him [Tro Ave.]. I never really focused on his music either."

Lamar might just have too many things on his plate to bother with the hate. A report by the Inquisitr claims that the rapper has just recently sealed a deal with West Coast legend and recent billionaire Dr. Dre for the follow-up to his well-received album "good kid, m.A.A.d city."

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