Luke Bracey, Barnaby Joyce, Ian Thorpe: Why are They on Top in 2013

Aussies Making Big Waves in 2013


It's a new year to break into the scene, whether in politics, sports, or even the music industry.

Here are some fellow Australians to watch out for, who may be on their way to making it big in their specific fields this 2013.

City Calm Down

After devoting three years of their musical career creating Movements, City Calm Down has created one of the most upscale and explosive records from down under.

Beat magazine reports that it's also, in part, thanks to the band's producer, Malcolm Besley, who have brought his experience with Snakadaktal and Gold Fields to create a mature voice and sound to Movements.

The AU Review lists City Calm Down as one of the Australian bands to watch out for in 2013, as they show off their musical prowess side by side with the High Highs as they play on the Laneway Festival tour around Australia.

Ian Thorpe

Barcelona is all set for the 15th FINA World Championships, from July 19 to Aug 4, and five-time Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe has been hitting the pools in hard training for a real comeback this time, reports

Since the middle of 2012, he has been training hard and toughening up to make it to the Australian swim team, reports BBC, a goal that he hopes to accomplish after the failure at the London 2012 Olympics.

This year is a potential make or break for Thorpe, because he may be facing younger competition, and he has yet to overcome the 50.35-second record he achieved in the 100 m lap at the Olympics trials in March, according to

Senator Barnaby Joyce

Outspoken to both his rivals and fellow peers, Senator Barnaby Joyce has been making headlines for some of his campaigns. reported that Senator Joyce has made it the LNP's agenda the use of yellowcake as a means of starting nuclear power in Australia.

It doesn't stop there as the Tamworth native has always been reported to clash with colleagues when it comes to different aspects of government, reports ABC. He has been appointed as the finance spokesman by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, as well as the Leader of the Nationals in the Senate.

Luke Bracey

After her split with singer Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez has been making headlines for holding hands with a certain young and upcoming Australia actor, Luke Bracey.

US Magazine even reported that Gomez was intimately sharing with Bracey the details of the fight she had with Beiber during a New Year getaway in Mexico.

People will remember Bracey as Gomez's co-star in her Disney movie Monte Carlo where he played the love interest of Gomez's fellow actress Leighton Meester, but it seems that the year is ripe for future possibilities between him and the female lead of Wizards of Waverly Place.

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