Love Showdown: What Do the Loved-up Rihanna and Chris Brown Have Planned for V-Day? [PHOTOS]


Two musical superstars in a volatile relationship that often seems bigger than life-sometimes it's easy to forget that Rihanna and Chris Brown are just a couple. And we wonder, how do two of the biggest celebrities today spend the most romantic day of the year?

The Grammy's was the ultimate pre-Valentine's Day date for the pair. The power couple shone in the glitz and glamour of the awards show, complete with PDA and a rocking Rihanna performance. It was also a major breakout for the couple, being the first time they've appeared together on the red carpet since reports of domestic violence turned their relationship upside down in 2009.

So now that they've done with the black-tie event (or in Brown's case, white) this season, are they up for another wild night out? Most likely-the two are a young pair and often snapped out and about in various clubs partying 'til morning.

But Rihanna and Brown have also shown a penchant for spending time with each other in the comforts of home. Last New Year's Eve, the superstars posted snaps on Instagram that indicated they rang in the holiday in bed together.

The duo is also known to enjoy a smoke every now and then, even posting photos on Instagram (and getting no small amount of flack for making their indulgence public). Brown was recently snapped at a Grammy's after-party puffing away in celebration of the industry's biggest night. Rihanna has also shared photos of her rolling a joint with the caption "#thuglife".

Whatever you say about it, there is definitely no shortage of passion in this relationship. The resident bad girl and bad boy of the music industry have done it all together: platinum records and domestic violence, secret dates and messy love triangles, endless speculation and criticisms from every corner.

Still, at the end of the day they are just another couple as loved-up as any other and if their recent public appearances are any indication, Rihanna and Chris Brown will be toasting Valentine's Day together. 

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