‘Love Child’ TV Series: 8 Things to Know

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"Love Child" is a TV series from Nine Network that has managed to attract the audience attention and captured their hearts. This drama is set in a time when the world is still coming to terms with the war, while Australia is struggling to adapt to the changing times. 

"Love Child tells the stories of young women and men fighting an unjust system in a world on the brink of change," according to Nine Network synopsis. "It's 1969 in Kings Cross and Joan Millar (Jessica Marais), a smart and sophisticated midwife, returns home from London to take a job at the Kings Cross Hospital. Joan finds a new life for herself, at a time when Australia is coming of age and the new generation believes anything is possible in this time of 'free love and peace'." 

For those who have just heard about the series, here are the eight things to know about the gripping drama series "Love Child":

-          The drama is only an 8-part series but will return for the second season, continuing the story of the characters on New Year's Eve, in the year 1970.

-          The music and costumes provides a glimpse of the exciting sixties, but the drama shows what unwed pregnant women had to go through at the time.

-          The authentic historical drama has several Logie awardee and nominees. Mandy McElhinney and Ryan Corr were both nominated for a Logie Award. On the other hand, Jessica Marais won the "Most Popular New Female Talent" and "Most Outstanding New Talent" in the 2009 Logie Awards.

-          There is no Kings Cross Hospital in Australia, but there is one in Scotland.

-          On March 21, 2013, Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a public apology for the forced adoption that occurred more than 50 years ago. Several states have also apologised. Western Australia in October 2010 was the first state to voice its apology .  

-          There are about 150,000 unwed women who were forced to give away their newborn. Coercion and drugs were used to make them give away their babies.

-          Social workers, religious figures and medical personnel participated in this illegal practice.

-          The first episode of "Love Child" garnered 1.587 views, making it one of the top three most watched series in Australia along with "My Kitchen Rules" and "The Block," according to The Australian.

The last episode of season one will air on April 7th. It is expected that more drama will unfold in the next season of "Love Child."

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