Lost German Backpacker Survives Australian Outback; Thanks to Protein-Rich Flies

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A German backpacker who was lost for almost a month on Australia's outback survived by eating protein-rich flies, police report said.

Daniel Dudzisz, 26 year-old backpacker, went missing on Feb. 17 while walking in south-west of Longreach in central west Queensland. The traveler tried to walk more than a half of Australia by himself but was lost after being stranded between floods.

Early February, Dudzisz was interviewed in Southwest Queensland weekly where he said that his hike on crossing countries was "quite hardcore." But being homeless for two years taught him how to handle the situation. "What I enjoy about the walking most is just how much closer nature feels... And all the little unexpected encounters and adventures that tend to accumulate along such a journey." He further added.

The interview was prior to his attempt to walk through Queensland. He started his hike days after his interview with southwest Queensland weekly and was lost.

The police did a massive search in the area after the backpacker's lost was reported. The search that involved helicopter and quad bikes was unsuccessful.

Dudzisz was later found and was picked up by a motorist. According to the police, he was found safe and well and seemed in good condition. The traveler refused medical treatment after he was found.

The traveller had been walking through Australian states--New South Wales and Queensland--for several months already. He is also keeping regular contact with the police.

Police said that the backpacker joked that he never went hungry in the outback because there are a lot of flies out there that one can eat for their protein. Dudzisz had cereal and baked beans before he started his travel attempt and has been eating flies after, according to an interview in Australian Broadcasting Company.

The German traveller is determined to continue his walk and is planning to cross the Northern Territory as expressed on ABC. The police also said that Dudzisz made a promise that he will now stick on main roads rather than rivers, crossing countries and other short cuts on his walks.

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