Lorde’s Mum & Dad Shocked At Her Win, Say It’s ‘Just Another Day’ For Her [VIDEOS]

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Lorde might not look like she was shocked with her Grammy Award win, but her parents sure did. After their 17-year-old daughter was awarded the Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year for “Royals” at the prestigious event on Sunday, Sonja Yelich and Vic O’Connor expressed their delight at Lorde’s success.

“As a mum when I sat there I was in shock. I was absolutely in shock,” Sonja told Radio New Zealand. “I was absolutely in shock.”

Lorde’s father, Vic, added, “You feel a bit dumbfounded when you hear your daughter’s name called out amongst such company. As Sonja said, we were both shocked but also thrilled.”

Their now international star child, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, was visibly nervous when she got up on stage twice to claim her gongs. Her song-writing partner, Joel Little, appeared more composed than she had during their acceptance speech.

Although it was obviously a monumental event for any artist, her mum said Lorde just sees it as “just another day.”

“She’s a very calm person, she handles things extremely well.”

True enough, aside from being slightly jittery, the Kiwi singer took the praises thrown at her very calmly. She didn’t jump for joy or shriek her excitement when her name was called. In fact, when the Best Pop Solo Performance award was announced, the only telling reaction of her glee was the widening of her eyes.

As for what’s next for the Auckland student, her mother revealed that she has left her formal education in the meantime.

“Clearly she’s not going to be going back to school, but Ella’s chosen a career that stimulates her intelligence and she’s involved in every single decision-making process,” Sonja continued. “That requires fortitude and intelligence and we’re very pleased.”

Lorde is flying back to Auckland to fulfil her promise of a special concert to Laneway Festival ticketholders. She will be playing at Silo Park on January 29.

She’s also going to be at the Brit Awards, as she has confirmed in a tweet.

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