Lorde Touched By Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Royals’ Cover [VIDEO]

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Lorde “got a little teary” upon learning that The Boss himself covered her hit song “Royals.” Bruce Springsteen paid homage to the Kiwi teen when he was performing in her home city of Auckland.

The 64-year-old music legend was at the Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland on March 1 when he played the 17-year-old rising star’s Grammy Award-winning song, only changing a few lines of the lyrics, such as “king bee” instead of “queen bee.”

Lorde wasn’t in Auckland at that time; she was touring Texas, and has only found out about Springsteen’s cover on Twitter.

“My Twitter went mental, everyone in New Zealand was like, ‘You can’t believe what just happened!’” she told news.com.au.

“It was so exciting, it was the highest honour. He’s such an incredible songwriter. I got a little teary. It was very cool.”

As the Web site pointed out, there have been countless artists who have covered Lorde’s chart topper, but Springsteen was the first music A-lister to do so.

“It’s crazy when someone like that is covering your song. Those words were nothing before I put them into my laptop and started messing with them in the studio. It’s crazy to me they could come out of someone’s mouth who is that respected.”

Meanwhile, both Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams have shown their admiration for the Kiwi songstress.

Appearing on the Australian breakfast show one day apart, Perry and Williams revealed what they thought about Lorde.

“She’s very mature. She’s an old sage of sorts,” Perry told the show’s presenters Samantha Armytage and David Koch on Wednesday.

“I do love Lorde.”

Williams, who said that he wants to work with Perry in the future, was also on the show, but a day later on Thursday.

He said, “I would love to work with Lorde. She doesn’t need me, but I would love to work with her.”

Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” has recently passed the one million sales mark in the U.S.

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