Lorde Says Nudity Isn’t Wrong, Declares Love For Rihanna

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Lorde has jumped in on the issue of how teenagers should dress. A few days after Bindi Irwin told her age group to stop showing off too much skin, Lorde said nudity is not a problem, even praising Rihanna for embodying sexuality.

In an interview with Standard’s ES Magazine, the 17-year-old New Zealand superstar has advised parents to chill out on giving restrictions on their children and just worry about more important issues instead.

“People should stop worrying about their daughters. I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence. There are worse things. Shooting people. Glorifying violence.”

Lorde also professed her love for Rihanna, describing the 26-year-old Barbadian songstress as “magnetic.”

“You can’t not look at Rihanna. I would buy anything Rihanna sold me. The way Rihanna embodies being a sexual woman... She’s so fearless and confident, I just love her.”

Her comments were published a few days after the late Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, told News Corp Australia that she feels bad when young girls like her try to dress older.

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But while Bindi, 15, seemed to have a valid argument point, Lorde doesn’t agree.

Lorde also has corrected false assumptions on teenagers, saying, “A lot of people seem to think that all teenagers are super-misguided and not at all ambitious.

“Such a high proportion of the people my age I know are super-driven, super-focused and super-creative in a way I haven’t seen a lot of adults being.”

She added, “Teenagers are a lot wiser than you think. They have so many resources to make them wise now. But it will always be a constant that teenagers will not be as emotionally wise as adults. You can be as sophisticated and precocious as you want, but you can’t fake experience. That’s what I find endearing about the art that teenagers make. There’s something about that intensity.”

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