Lorde Reveals Jennifer Lawrence’s E-Mail Has ‘Butt’ In It

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Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is considered the fifth most hot by Maxim 2014 Hot 100. Reuters

Jennifer Lawrence has a new e-mail address, and it has the word “butt” in it, according to Lorde. The Kiwi songstress hinted at the Oscar-winning actress’ new contact detail.

And it’s apparently as raunchy as expected.

On Sunday, Lorde, 17, tweeted that she knows 23-year-old J.Law’s new e-mail address, but stopped at fully revealing it.

“win: do you have jen lawrence’s new email me: oh yeah lemme look me: i think it’s got ‘butt’ in it”

It’s unclear who “win” is, though fans just assume it’s a code name for Lorde and Jennifer’s mutual friend.

Perhaps what’s even more puzzling and a bit surprising is that Lorde and Jennifer are even friends. Lorde and Taylor Swift clearly have one another’s numbers in their phonebook, and Jennifer likely has half of Hollywood on speed dial, but Lorde and Jen?

While it’s not doubtful, no one really knew that the two superstars even move in the same social circle.

It is also unknown if Lorde was just kidding about the “butt” e-mail, but if it’s true, it’s not surprising that Jennifer really added the word in her contact address.

Part of Jennifer’s charm is her immature humour. She has gotten the whole world laughing with her every time she jokes about nude body parts.

In December 2013, she revealed to Conan O’Brian in his late night talk show “Conan” that her stash of butt plugs was discovered under her bed by hotel maid service.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s soul is up for sale on Etsy. She doesn’t seem to be aware, or have given her consent to the sale, but apparently, a seller on the e-commerce site Etsy has decided to sell celebrities’ souls for a few dollars.

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