Lorde Rejects Sylvia Plath Comparison In New Interview

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Lorde isn’t Sylvia Plath, but she’s proof that there are few limits to a person’s success. The Kiwi international singer rejects the comparison of her to the late American poet, saying that she’s not a genius.

“Never for a second would I put myself beside a genius like Sylvia Plath!” she told Canadian magazine Fashion, referring to being called the Sylvia Plath of pop music.

“I may have specific tastes but I’m not trying to be avant-garde with my approach or my music. I like indie [rock], pop and literature. I like to play with them but that doesn’t make me a genius.”

Plath was an acclaimed poet and novelist in the U.S. known for her literary works, including the novel “The Bell Jar” and the Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Collected Poems.” She committed suicide in 1963 at the age of 30.

But while she doesn’t consider herself a genius, Lorde is very successful. She thinks of herself as proof that absolutely anyone can achieve anything.

“There are very few limits on what can be achieved by anyone of any age, living anywhere and of any race, because of the Web,” she explained. “I’m proof of that.”

Gracing the cover of Fashion magazine, Lorde looked very much her young 17 years. She skiped her signature black basics, and instead donning a Dolce & Gabbana shiny gold dress, complete with big gold earrings and ring. And, is that a discreet smile on her face?

It’s kind of refreshing to see Lorde in that light. Most of the time, her style can be classified as goth. In one photo, she was even wearing a red dress with a silver bib necklace. According to the magazine, she also posed with “a mix of medieval, modern, Renaissance and Gothic pieces.”

Her style was dissected as well in the magazine. Although there are times that she wears dresses, her “power clothes” remain to be jackets and pants.

“I agree with Annie Lennox when she said, ‘wearing a suit is like wearing armour.’ I wore pants and a shirt at the Grammys because it made me feel confident. I remember looking at early photos of Patti Smith when she was wearing those men’s shirts she chopped off at the sleeve. That, to me, is the strongest look in the world,” she said.

Her work attire is also composed of the same.

“A lot of my stage clothes are suits, jackets and trousers that come from designers like Philip Lim and Stella McCartney. I’m a fan of Celine and Comme Des Garcons too because the clothes don’t look contrived and they don’t look like they are trying too hard.”

The May 2014 issue of Fashion Magazine is available on newsstands on April 14 in Canada.

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