Lorde: NZ Media Welcome ‘A Bit Sad’

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Lorde has had a hero’s welcome upon her return to New Zealand, but she still thought it was sad. The 17-year-old recent Grammy Award winner touched down in her native Auckland on Wednesday.

Even before she got out of the plane, the Air New Zealand crew were already waiting for her to welcome her with a haka on the tarmac. She was also welcomed with a loud cheer from fans when she came out of the arrivals gates with her bandmates and her parents, Sonja Yelich and Vic O’Connor.

Although tired from a long flight from Los Angeles, U.S., she took time to pose for photos and greet waiting fans at the airport.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the singer (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) appeared overwhelmed as she was chased by the paparazzi and fans through the airport. She left the airport in a waiting taxi after indulging the media for photos and short interviews.

Later, though, she slammed the media for pushing over her family at the airport.

She wrote in a tweet, “nz media almost pushed over myself and my family at the airport this morning in order to get their shots. bit of a sad welcome if i’m honest.”

The “Royals” hitmaker went on: “i understand that people of note are supposedly fair game for everyone to photograph and film but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

“i’m beginning to get used to my image as a public commodity, and the fact that i’m getting used to it frightens me.”

She made it clear that she wasn’t taking aim at her fans, though, saying, “there is a difference between attn from fans, which i love, and the constant, often lecherous gaze that i’m subjected to in this industry.

“i know that success comes with a price tag. it just sucks when you see that in your tiny home country where you previously felt safe.”

The tweets, all captured by the NZ Herald, have since been deleted.

Meanwhile, Lorde expressed her gratitude to her New Zealand fans with a handwritten letter she sent to the newspaper.

Drawing a gramophone that appeared to be the trophy she received from the Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Royals,” she wrote how grateful she and her songwriting partner, Joel Little, are for their fellow Kiwis’ support.

“hiya, if you’re reading this, Joel & I won. HOLY CRAP,” she began. “it was a crazy day & my friends & family over home are still freaking out. I just wanted to say thank you for the time you’ve given me these past 14 months.

“finding out about me online or in between these pages or in your headphones. Without your support, there’s no way I would ever have gotten to stand in the middle of the Staples Centre & perform in my school shoes.

“I can’t wait for tonight’s show. Together, we’ll make it magic. I’ll see you there.”

The show that she mentioned was at the Silo Park for Laneway Festival ticketholders.

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