Lorde Moved to Tears after Listening to Bruce Springsteen Sing her Song 'Royals'

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Lorde was moved to tears when she heard veteran singer and musician Bruce Springsteen play a rendition of her hit Grammy Award winning song "Royals." The incident happened last week when The Boss opened his Auckland concert with an acoustic rendition of Lorde's chart topping number. While the teenager singer Lorde herself was not present at his concert, various media agencies are reporting that she became emotional and was moved to tears when she heard it.

Lorde's fans went to her Twitter account to let her know about the incident. The 17-year-old was herself on a tour in Austin, Texas.

"My Twitter went mental, everyone in New Zealand was like 'You can't believe what just happened!'," Lorde told News.com.au, according to Daily Mail.

"It was so exciting, it was the highest honour. He's such an incredible songwriter. I got a little teary. It was very cool," said Lorde showing her excitement.

Lorde has earlier reveled in one of her interviews that she wrote the lyrics for "Royals" when she was just 15-years-old. The singer has so far won many awards, including two Grammy Awards for her hit number "Royals."

"Those words were nothing before I put them into my laptop and started messing around with them in the studio. It's crazy to me they could come out of someone's mouth who is that respected," Lorde continued.

Bruce Springsteen's version of "Royals" has been greatly appreciated by the media too. "..He chose New Zealand to show he's up to date, too, with an acoustic cover of the inescapable song of 2013, Royals by local girl Lorde. As ever, it doesn't matter what the source material sounded like, because in X Factor parlance, Springsteen "makes it his own," writes the guardian.com

Since the release of "Royals" there has been no stopping for the New Zeland born singer. "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams too has expressed his desire to work with Lorde in one of his interviews. Singer Taylor Swift has too befriended Lorde and the two were seen hanging out with each other in Los Angeles some time back enjoying some retail therapy. Check out Bruce singing "Royals" below.

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