Look Young, Fresh, and Better Today: Makeup Trends for 2013


Darkened brows are in as are dark matte lips. But then so is a nude face and a soft, subtle ethereal look. So what works in which combination is often the biggest question when it comes to palettes.

We decode the top 5 trends of beauty, this fall/winter 2013. Read about trends, the way to use and mould them and finally what to wear with that makeup... The idea behind them all is to bring out your strongest feature and project yourself as feminine but strong. There's a core of steel in every woman and the make-up trends being seen bring out that very core. There's an androgynous touch to ethereal, and power walk to feminine sway.  Here we talk about the five top trends of 2013 - which colors to keep, which to layer and which to trash... Remember that make-up is a woman's tool to looking good and re-inventing herself. Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying on new colors is one good way to look good without any permanent change. 

Dark, matte lips

Powerful lip is the name of the game - be it Prada's fall/winter 2013 campaign and runway or Oscar De La Renta's resort-wear 2014. The emphasis is on the bold, corporate diva who knows how to dress well and look great. The cheeks are shimmery and there's just a hint of rose in them while eyes can simply be a tad smokey in colors like charcoal, lavender, moss and teal. The woman is sensual, knows what she want and knows how to get it - the modern femme fatale.  

Earthy tones

Imagine a carefully contrived nude face - a perfect complexion, neutral shadowed eyes darkened just a tad with a liner and some mascara, neutral-toned cheeks contoured to perfect and lips that fall short of being pale. Does not sound very beauteous but the DKNY fall/winter 2013 campaign made it so. Thick darkened brows add oozing sexuality to this otherwise mundane picture - for the woman who is worldly-wise and full of ambition - a powerhouse look that really brings out the inner persona.  

Stark black

Anna Sui and eye makeup are synonymous. In her fall/winter 2013 collection, she took her famous cat-flick or winged eyeliner to another dimension. The winged look remained but the entire eye lid was painted stark black - no hint of smoky anywhere. The cheeks were a frosty shimmery pink and the lips were bare with a geometric stain. The look is short of being gothic but very powerful - for a woman looking for some attention and double takes yet who is brave enough to carry it off.  

Skin shine

One of the biggest woes of women the world over is skin - large pores, pigmentation, uneven tone, too many freckles - well at Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2013, skin was celebrated. There was no plethora of pancake being slathered on to get that perfect look - rather it was about making an imperfect face, look imperfectly beautiful. Breathy skin - that what was achieved via mild foundation and a tad concealer here and there. Classically lined eyes and a red pout gave this look a very feminine appeal - paired with hair from the 80s - this is for the strong and confident woman in everyone. 

Strongly ethereal

Chanel's fall/winter 2013/14 backstage was all about hair. Dark, almost androgynous brows paired with soft, shimmery make-up made for a very ethereal, pixie-like appeal. Add to that a very, let's just say Elvis-like pouf and this is one very distinctive look just waiting to be explored. Shorter-haired women can simply go for the pouf and slick back the rest of the hair Mafioso style. Longer-haired women can opt to tie the hair in a low ponytail or even braid it for further style. Other than dark brows, the make-up is minimal - a flawless face coupled with pale pink lips and cheeks is perfect 

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