A Look at Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace

  @ibtimesau on January 09 2012 4:41 PM

The blonde-beauty Amanda Seyfried has gone brunette, but fans should fret not because this won't be her permanent hairstyle.

Seyfriend's look is part of her role in the much anticipated take on the most infamous adult star, Linda Lovelace.

Linda Boreman, best known as Linda Lovelace, was an infamous porn star of the year 1970's. She was cast of in the earliest and highly acclaimed X-rated movie of that year, "Deep Throat." Despite what the world saw as a sex-starved and happy-go-lucky actress on screen, Linda Lovelace's life had a sadder and darker ordeal which was claimed to be the own doing of her own husband, Chuck Traynor. It could have been a happy marriage but as Linda claimed, husband Traynor brutally harassed her into making porn films. The adult star died in a car accident at the age of 53.

Taking up the role of a porn star is definitely a far cry from all the roles Amanda Seyfried has portrayed on screen. This much awaited portrayal of Linda Lovelace won't be out anytime soon but it is currently in the works with directors Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein.

 Entertainment Weekly
Amanda Seyfried as sex starlet Linda Lovelace Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Aside from the main role played by Amanda Seyfried, the cast also includes a few big names in Hollywood namely Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Hank Azaria, Bobby Cannavale, Juno Temple, Eric Roberts, Adam Brody and Peter Sarsgaard, who'll be playing the husband of Amanda on-screen.

As for Seyfried, apart from her new locks, the actress has been spotted on the set of the movie. She's seen stepping out of a red Cadillac El Dorado where the actress dons a short 70's styled dress and a multicolored scarf paired with platform wedges. As mentioned, fans won't have to fret about the actresses' golden locks because throughout the course of the film, she'll be sporting a few different brown hairstyles done simply by a wig.

"Lovelace" isn't the only film said to portray the depressing story of Linda Lovelace. Another film entitled "Inferno: A Linda Lovelace" is in the works with the main role to be acted out by Malin Akerman. However, rumors did say that the original actress in mind was Amanda Seyfried's co-star, Lindsay Lohan, in the film "Mean Girls."

Fans of Amanda will have to wait a few more months before they see her act out one of her most daring roles yet. Seyfried is also said to be part of the Broadway show "Les Miserables" alongside country crooner Taylor Swift.

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