Longer Bedroom Scenes and More F-Bombs in DVD Version of 'Wolf of Wall Street' Coming Soon! [VIDEO]

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The world admired Leonardo Di Caprio's movie "Wolf of Wall Street" and it has won numerous awards too. Either you love this story of a commoner Jordon Belfort's dizzying rise to a multi-millionaire or you hate it for being too sexually explicit and using the most movie F-bombs ever. But you can't ignore it. However, if you are a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio, we have good news for you. The "Wolf of Wall Street" is set for release on a DVD and will be one hour longer than the movie you saw in theatre. Yes, the DVD will feature more sexually explicit content and even more F-bombs!

According to Daily Mail web site, director Martin Scorsese shot a four hour long movie, which was edited to make it shorter for the theatrical release. But the producers have now decided to show its viewers the entire movie as it was shot - without any cuts. So what extra will the viewers have to their disposal?

According to the website, the protagonist Di Caprio as Jordan Belfort will have more motivational dialogues, producers Joey McFarland and Riza Aziz informed. Also for all the Margot Robbie fans, you will get to see more of Naomi in the movie. The Australian actress has been in news for her explicit sex scenes with Di Caprio in the movie. The 23-year-old plays the role of a trophy wife who loves to get dressed up in designer clothes and tease her husband.

If as a movie fan you are feeling deceived that you were not shown the "real" movie, worry not. The producers have assured the web site that the theatrical release has all the "extreme" scenes of drug abuse, sexual infidelity and licentiousness, else they would not have done justice to the character Jordon Belfort who spent almost two years in jail for his acts.

"Wolf of Wall Street" has been nominated for Best Picture category for Oscar and has won at the BAFTA and Golden Globes too. The movie also holds the record for dropping the most movie F-bombs ever - a record of 506 curse words. Would there be more?

"It's tough! You figure another hour so I'd figure another 25% more! I've never done an F Bomb count. I am sure there's plenty more!," says the producers to Daily Mail.

And what about sex scenes -- are there more to expect? According to the web site, the scenes remain the same but they run "a little longer but nothing extreme," said the producers. Are you going to buy the DVD of "Wolf of Wall Street?" If yes, then what for. Do give us your views. Also Read - Too Sleazy for an Oscar? Reasons Why Leonardo Di Caprio Should Not Win an Oscar Award for 'Wolf of Wall Street' [VIDEO] Also Read - Leonardo Di Caprio's The Wolf of Wall Street Drops Most Movie F-Bombs… Ever: Famous Quotes From the Movie [SEE TRAILERS] Also Read - Margot Robbie: Top Ten Fun Facts about Leonardo Di Caprio's Onscreen Wife in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

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