London Journalist’s Travel Video of Frozen Canada Goes Viral

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A resident walks her dog over a snow-covered sidewalk following an overnight snow storm in Toronto, Ontario.
A resident walks her dog over a snow-covered sidewalk following an overnight snow storm in Toronto, Ontario March 2, 2014. An extreme cold weather alert is in effect in the Toronto area as a U.S. National Weather Service forecast calls for an area of snow extending from the Central Plains into the Northeast. REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

British journalist James O'Malley has made a travel video during his visit to the Great White North while Canada is still going through one of the harshest weather conditions in its winter history. The 3-minute clip of Mr O'Malley's journey has gone viral.

Mr O'Malley apparently captured the true spirit of Canada while he spent three weeks with his girlfriend's family in Ontario. According to his own description on Reddit, he wrote that his Canadian girlfriend wanted him to experience Canadian winter; CTV News reported. The video, which is aptly titled What I Did in Canada, was uploaded on YouTube on Saturday, March 8. It has been just four days since the upload. However, an apparently innocent travel video went viral as it has already been watched for more than 500,000 times.

The video is a compilation of very short clips of activities that Mr O'Malley did in Canada. It shows him trying his hand in bowling, getting dangerously close to a polar bear and posing in front of a skeleton. While he drives across on a frozen river, he asks what is wrong with Canada. While he takes a bite on a pizza, shoots a gun, experiences snow-storm, watches children play ice-hockey, feeds elves and stands by the Niagara Falls; we wonder how eventful his visit to Canada has been.

Mr O'Malley also maintains a blog where he reckons "about things." One of his blogs titled Taking the Ice Road to Moosonee is all about how he experienced the ice road. He writes that London comes to a halt after "a couple of centimeters of snow" while, in northern Canada, it is just the opposite. He also shares a photo of a road sign where people are warned about the "winter road" as there are "no services," "no assistance" and "no fuel" for 170km.

Many Canadians got extremely happy to see a London-based journalist enjoy his time in the country as one of the Reddit users wrote that Mr O'Malley did more Canadian things than most Canadians ever manage to do.

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