Lohan Drama: Oprah Winfrey Swears at Lindsay Lohan; Actress Tells Her Dad He is Not Good For Her

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A trailer of Lindsay's new reality show by OWN is finally released and surprise, surprise, it is as dramatic as everyone expected it to be, Entertainment Weekly reports. As the first trailer shows, Oprah Winfrey's effort to capture the struggling star is both dramatic and difficult. The first preview suggests what we've been hearing for months: That Lohan was a very difficult subject who threatened to derail the project. "This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen and I believed differently," says Winfrey. "You need to cut the [expletive]."

Aside from driving Oprah crazy, the trailer also shows Lindsay Lohan coming out of the shell she created when it comes to the topic of her dad, Michael Lohan, and sharing her true feelings about him. Lohan is said to have told her dad that he was not good for her.

Just a trailer and we can all feel the drama! Is this a bad thing? Some will say the opposite.

Lindsay Lohan is given one last ticket to a new and fresh career minus all the bad press and DUI charges. This last ticket was given to her by none other than Oprah Winfrey in the form of a no-holds barred reality show, entitled "Lindsay." This is not Lohan's first reality show. Remember "Living Lohan?" If you don't, no one can blame you. The show, which was launched on 2008, has only aired for about nine episodes before it was cut. Lindsay Lohan was hardly on it anyway; she was too busy creating all sorts of ruckus then.

But the new and healthier Lindsay Lohan is trying to turn her life, and her career around.

The show can be considered one of the quietest shows of Lohan to date. There were no trailers nor teasers up until today. Only some storylines were released to the public, but enough to make the Internet go abuzz with speculations. Lohan's team was so supportive of the actress' efforts to rebuild her life and career that they were all willing to shield everything from the media. After all, the press and Lindsay Lohan do not necessarily get along great. In fact, Lohan has attributed half of her problems to the media who hounded her 24 hours a day, catching her in her most embarrassing and scandalous moments and making producers wary of hiring her for jobs that will showcase her acting prowess.

However, just days before the new show is to be released, we now have a trailer to enjoy, finally! Albeit showing Lohan fighting Winfrey, this might work in favor of the actress, as this proves the new docu-series will really be honest and no-holds barred.

"Linday" airs on March 9, Sunday.

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