Logacal: A 'Smarter' iPhone Calendar App, Now Free?

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Logacal, the world's favorite calendar app, is now free for iPhone users. Although it is free for a limited time, it will change the way the calendar is used and will definitely make users productive in the process.

Logacal is a calendar app that makes life fast and simple. Unlike traditional calendars, this app allows users to come down to weeks and days as needed. Logacal doesn't split time equally, instead, it offers a smart agenda view that displays sections like today, tomorrow, upcoming days and upcoming weeks eliminating all of the clutter and giving out only important data.

The additional features that Logacal app offer are:

  • Works with local calendars, iCloud calendars, Google calendars, Exchange calendars, all the calendars you currently use on your iPhone
  • Add, edit and delete your events
  • If you have Fantastical 2, you can add new events the Fantastical way
  • Filter by calendars to see only events that interest you at the moment
  • Search by title, location and notes
  • Full accessibility support (VoiceOver, dynamic text size)
  • See full titles of your events - forget about cutting events with long titles
  • Simple interface with no learning curve

Logacal app is $3 for all other smartphones in the market, which is worth the buy as it makes life simple in many ways. 

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