Living Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova Poses with Pythons While Wearing Sexy Costume [PHOTOS]

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In her recent photos posted in Facebook, real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova posed with huge pythons while wearing sexy Arabic-inspired costume.

Valeria is wearing a purple gypsy costume while striking a few poses to the camera with her new found friends - snakes. There is no fear or terror seen in the eyes of Valeria.

The living doll shared her plans on moving to America very soon. However, she will not be coming to US alone. She plans on moving with her "spiritual sister," Olga Oleynik, who goes by the name Dominika.

The two are not biologically related. However, they called each other sisters as the pair realized they had a lot in common when they met online five years ago. They also both come from Odessa, a small town in the Ukraine.

The two planned to move to the US as Olga's boyfriend lives there and they are willing to start a business venture in the States.

Valeria created some stir early this year because of her incredible looks and figure. She resembled the popular doll Barbie.

The 21-year-old model and singer sparked controversy due to her thin waist and many wondered if went under the knife to achieve her looks. However, Valeria constantly denied that she underwent surgery or altered her photos through Photoshop.

Amatue literally looks like a Barbie doll or an anime figure. She explains that she uses cosmetics and contact lenses to achieve that look. She has a make-up tutorial that she published to YouTube so others can learn how she achieves the look.

However, many are unconvinced with the model's explanation and there has been an online debate whether she is all natural or fake. The conversations also yield to her influence to young girls and their outlook towards physical beauty.

As far as the question of whether she has had plastic surgery or if the photos are due to computer technology, such as Photoshop, she said that a lot of people dismiss it as something done by surgeons or Photoshop.

She said it is their way of justifying not improving themselves and it is just an excuse to explain why they do not work hard to make themselves look better.

See the slideshow for the photos of Valeria striking poses with huge snakes.

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