Living Barbie Doll, Valeria Lukyanova, Believes She is Alien [PHOTOS]

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Human Barbie doll, Valeria Lukyanova, believed that she is from another planet.

In her own documentary titled "Space Barbie," Ukranian model and singer Valeria revealed some interesting facts about the her life, beliefs and spirituality.

The documentary will delve on Valeriya's beliefs and psychic abilities. Valeria Lukyanova believed she is from another planet.

Director of Will Fairman said that Valeria believed might possibly have come from Venus and that she has psychic abilities.

Valeria admitted that she visited a psychiatrist and realized that she has special talents.

"I asked myself if everything was alright with my head. I hear voices all the time and see different beings. One day I decided to visit a psychiatrist. I told him everything. He listened to me carefully and said it was very lucky it was him because with another doctor I definitely would have been taken to a special place. He said 'I've been studying esoterism for years and can see you are psychic," Valeria said.

Her tiny waist, large breasts, blonde hair and blue eyes are some of the features that made Valeria popular on the Internet after netizens tagged her as a human Barbie doll.

However, some people criticized her, claiming that she had gone under surgery to achieve her looks. Moreover, her photos were altered via Photoshop software.

However, Valeriya Lukyanova insisted that she used make-up and contact lenses to achieve her look. She also offered make-up tutorial in YouTube so her fans can learn how to achieve her look.

Valeria's sister, Olga, defended her sister saying that she never thought of her sister as a plastic doll and said that her sister has a bright personality.

See the slideshow for the recent photos of Valeriya Lukyanova in her costume in her life documentary "Space Barbie." 

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