Liverpool Crushed Manchester United in the Premier League

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An ecstatic Luis Suarez
Liverpool's Luis Suarez celebrates after the goal against Manchester United

Liverpool's Luis Suarez celebrates after the goal against Manchester United

In a nail-biting match between the two most popular premier league team, Manchester United suffered a sordid defeat in the hands of Liverpool by 3-0 on Sunday.

Right from the start of the game, Liverpool showed immense confidence and applying superior strategy to sideline the sluggish United. The fans of Manchester have nothing to do but to see the total carnage by Liverpool.

The first two goals came from Steven Gerrard who converted two penalties and a strike from Luis Suarez led Liverpool by three goals.

Later in the day, Gerrard said to Sky Sports, "It's a fantastic day personally but we came here to win the game."

"We'll enjoy tonight but we need to move on quickly. We've shown today we're genuine contenders and we'll fight to the end."

"We played a diamond today and totally bossed the midfield and controlled the game. The Manchester United defense will not have had a harder game than against our strikers today."

"We believe that we can win the league. But the easiest thing in football is to talk the talk. We have to treat Cardiff and Sunderland the same as Manchester United. I maybe got a bit cocky with the last penalty but scored the two that mattered most."

The manager of Liverpool, Brendan Rogers, was equally ecstatic about the win as he praised his team for such a sincere effort. However, Rogers earlier claimed that they were in the process to build the team and not looking for to chase the title, albeit he was positive after the win at Old Trafford.

He said in Sky Sports, It's exactly the same."

"I think we're a developing side. We're probably a year ahead of where we've been but that's testament to the players and how quickly they're adapting to the methods."

"I repeat (what I said) before, we could win the next nine games and still not win it but certainly our focus now will be to get ready."

"We've got a tough game against Cardiff next week away and it's five games on the spin now. Terrific results against tough opponents and we've just got to keep it going."

"I think that we're coming into a real strong stage of the season. We did the same last year and we're doing the same this year."

"I think as the players work together, the personalities connect, they understand how we want to work. They're improving all the time."

"The beauty of this team is we have a lot of young players that are improving. We remain humble as a team and as a group and we'll manage the expectations."

"The only expectation is to win the next game and that's what we'll look to do. Everyone's got tough games."

Liverpool has now reached to the second position in the chart, with another game in hand against No.1 Chelsea, ahead in the race by four points.

Rogers further added, "We've had a tough game today, we've done our job and that's all we can concentrate on. If we continue to do that, let's see where it takes us."

"I thought we were outstanding, the dominance in the game was very apparent from the beginning right the way through."

"We obviously created lots of chances, we scored three goals, missed a penalty unfortunately, but we could have had three or four more, so I think we were clearly the dominant team."

"I think as a team, first and foremost, we controlled the ball. I thought in particular in the second half we were better with the ball, combined greater and obviously we're a very aggressive team going forward.

"We set up to defend well and obviously we attack in numbers as well and I think that aggression and confidence in our game is clear to see."

"To come here and to get a result like that and a performance like that is very good. I thought our focus and composure today was very good."

"We've had a terrific season and for 14 or 15 months we've been excellent so to come here, I remember coming here last season and playing okay but Man United were the better team."

"But I think the development in our side was clear today and you could see the players' confidence."

In another match of the premier league between Arsenal and Tottenham, the former defeated the Hotspur by one goal. Thomas Rosicky scored the goal right after 72 seconds of the game. With this victory, Arsenal now moved to third position. 

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