Little Girl with 'Scary' Scars: KFC Donates $30000 for Medical Bills of Victoria Wilcher Following Discrimination Incident at Fast Food Chain

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An unnamed KFC employee asked Victoria Wilcher, 3, and her family to leave the fast food chain in Jackson, Mississippi because the other customers got disturbed with the little girl's scarred face that she got when three pit bulls attacked her. KFC Corp. found out about the incident and decided to conduct an investigation on the reported discrimination.

The incident that happened at KFC was posted last Friday, June 13, on the Facebook page "Victoria's Victories" where a photo of Victoria Wilcher was shared. "Does this look scary to you? Last week at KFC in Jackson MS this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners," the caption reads. Click HERE to see photo.

The report revealed that KFC immediately started an investigation on the issue. "As soon as we were notified of this report on Friday, we immediately began an investigation, as this kind of hurtful and disrespectful action would not be tolerated by KFC," spokesman Rick Maynard stated in an email sent to The Associated Press on Sunday, June 15.

The spokesman further added that the company already apologized to Victoria Wilcher's family and assured to give assistance to the little girl. "The company is making a $30,000 donation to assist with her medical bills. The entire KFC family is behind Victoria," Maynard declared.

Kelly Mullins, Victoria's grandmother, recounted the unpleasant incident that happened at the KFC restaurant. According to Mullins, they stopped by the fast food chain to buy mashed potatoes for Victoria after visiting a doctor's office.

Then, the KFC employee approached the family to tell them that they have to leave. "They just told us, they said, 'We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers'," Mullins revealed to WAPT-TV.

Victoria's grandmother further shared in the WAPT report that the KFC incident made the little girl hate the way she looks. Kelly Mullins revealed that the right side of Victoria's face is paralyzed and she has a lot of surgeries to go through.

Mullins added that when they now go to a store, Victoria does not want to step out of the car anymore. The little girl does not want to look at herself in the mirror as well. "She's 3 years old and she's embarrassed about what she looks like. She's embarrassed and I hate it because she shouldn't be. It ain't her fault," Mullins shared.

According to the report, Victoria Wilcher survived the attack from three pit bulls last April while staying at her grandfather's home. The attack cost Victoria her right eye, major scars on her face, a broken nose and a broken jaw so the little girl has to use a feeding tube to eat and visit a speech therapist for recovery sessions.

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