'Little Banana Boy' Carter Becomes Instant Internet Meme

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A new Internet sensation has been born when Carter, a hungry little kid, knocked on his neighbor's doors for some bananas.

"Carter the Banana Boy" is a photoshop meme based on a picture of a young boy, who perfectly posed in front of a camera eating his banana. After a few days, Carter's picture has spread online with different versions and themes, portraying him as a movie action star, and almost everything possible.

Carter was photoshopped with explosions behind him, movie scenes along side famous actors, superimposed on the background of film posters and more.

His neighbor, "Redditor" Theone211 posted the little boy's photograph to "Reddit's" r/funny on May 12 titled, "This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana then left," Mashable reported.

In just 24 hours. Carter's adorable picture gained 73,100 upvotes and 2,600 comments. After a few suggestions from other Reddit users to photoshop Carter's pictures, a slew of hilarious pictures immediately spread. The boy's fame rose so quickly that his memes on Reddit had been getting more and more upvotes.

Compilations of notable examples of John Carter's adorable pictures were posted on Buzzfeed and Mashable

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