Listen to Miley's Sexiest Track Ever - New Song 'Smoke Signals' with Rapper Buddy [VIDEO]

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Miley Cyrus is just unstoppable. The 21-year-old singer is currently busy with her "Bangerz" tour but she has also released a brand new song too! The media is calling the new song "Smoke Signals" her sexiest track ever. "Smoke Signals" features Miley and a rapper named Buddy. Listen to it below.

Rapper Buddy and Miley Cyrus are friends with Pharrell Williams, who has also produced the new song. "Smoke Signals" is an interesting track where Miley did not do the rap part but the singing part., a music Web site calls it an "addictive track built on Pharrell's breezy beat and Miley's echoing background vocals. She's in true siren mode here, and it is powerful."

The song has the word "smoke" in it but surprisingly enough there is not anything related to drugs or weed, which Miley has been so fond of. The lyrics are really interesting and go something like this.

"I'm sending smoke signals/And I'm sure that you can see them/West Coast is the chief for me, girl/Lets smoke, we'll be hanging out/Up in the clouds,/There's no way that we can come down/Go, come chief with me, girl/Sex drove, and we know how to roll," rapper Buddy croons.

"You take me high..," is the line what we usually hear from Miley in the new song. The music video of the song is yet to come. The track is getting good reviews on Twitter and other social media Web sites where it is shared.

"I knew this kid in high school and he is doing great things now. Listen and love Buddy," writes Leann Bolton on YouTube page where the song is shared.

"Check out Miley Cyrus showing off her vocals in the newly released track," writes on Twiter about Miley and Buddy's new number.

Meanwhile the "Wrecking Ball" songstress is really making lot of headlines with her antics in the "Bangerz" tour. Miley's latest attempt to shock audience at her concert was to kiss "Roar" songstress Katy Perry on the lips. Read more about it here. Listen to the new song "Smoke Signals" below.


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